What do they produce?

Taylor Made Specialties utilizes high-end technology in the process of creating custom images for a totally unique product in today’s automotive arena.

For example, we have the ability to produce beautiful images and text on a glossy ceramic tile that can be framed in an 8”x10” rosewood frame.  This becomes a beautiful award as never seen before in the automotive hobby!

Want to increase your show entries? 
Offer quality awards and merchandise and watch your entries grow!  At Taylor Made Specialties you receive quality workmanship at REASONABLE PRICES!

If your club is looking for unique awards that  are not the same old "dust collectors” of the past, contact Taylor Made Specialties where you will see new and interesting products you will want at your next show.

Give us a call and discuss how you can build your show entries today and in the future!

Whether you're an officer or a member wanting something new, tell the officers and members that you want some new and exciting awards at your next show from Taylor Made Specialties!

Your awards are carefully custom made and will arrive ready for your next show!

What products are available?

Taylor Made Specialties has a wide range of products!  For example, a newly expanded garment catalog is just a start with over 800 pages of garments to choose from.  You will easily recognize the top name brands in it!

Over the past several years, the company has invested in the latest technology in printing and sublimation processes available anywhere in the world.

To meet your requirements, products are available for gifts and/or promotional products, all of which can be custom printed.

In addition to garments, other promotional products can be found on the company’s web site at TaylorMadeSpecialties.com.  TMS has invested in the future and expanded its web site to bring you new and beautiful awards.

TMS offers Direct-to-Garment, custom laser transfers, pad printing, ceramic sublimation, garments, aluminum signage, embroidery, club patches, porcelain plates and more in order to bring you the very best quality in print capability.

Multiple print processes provides you with more options to select your awards from Taylor Made Specialties.  Unique products at reasonable prices and all at a one-stop convenience!

What is DTG?

Direct-to-Garment, or DTG, is the latest technology available today in garment printing.

For example, “screen printing” basically means applying paint to a garment, which blocks the breathing capacity of the fabric.  Not only are they hot to wear in the summer but the image eventually cracks and peels over time.

Screen printing also requires a separate screen for each color which is normally 4 to 6 colors.  Due to set-up and clean-up procedures, screen printing requires a larger minimum order unlike our DTG process.  As a result, Taylor Made Specialties can print smaller minimum quantities, a better quality product and at the same price or even less!  This reduces your cost!

Our garment printing is accomplished with 1,440 nozzles and a print capacity of 13-million colors, not the 4-6 colors available in screen printing!

Our other processes produce quality images with brilliant colors on mugs, steins, slate, aluminum and other products sealing in the color so it lasts for years!

Taylor Made Specialties is on the cutting edge of today's print technology!

Give a call and experience awards that surpass  expectations!