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For a company to remain in business, it must change with the times, pursue the latest innovations and provide great service to their customers.  For the past fourteen years, Taylor Made Specialties has strived to do just that!  Most pigeon shows have offered trophies for years; however, they are gradually becoming an outdated form of recognition.  Trophies will still be available but newer and more popular methods of recognition have emerged on the horizon with an added flair of colorful artwork, graphics and other unique applications that are quickly taking their place.

Taylor Made Specialties has invested in this new technology and is on the cutting edge producing beautiful awards, garments and other merchandise for the pigeon hobby.  This has attracted new members to these clubs and they have provided exhibitors and spectators with a reason to return to these shows year after year.

Taylor Made Specialties began its humble beginning in 2003 producing awards and merchandise for one pigeon club.  Today, it is one of the largest producers of pigeon awards, artwork, garments and other merchandise in today's pigeon hobby.  Taylor Made Specialties' awards and merchandise can be found at local, national and international pigeon shows. 

While we continue to innovate, our commitment to our customers has never changed!  We believe in a friendly staff providing personal service, no minimum on orders, free artwork, free set-ups and your is scheduled to arrive on time.

You are invited to look through our expanded 2017 online catalog and see what you might like for your next show.  We are committed to providing quality workmanship, reasonable prices and friendly service!  Today, we ship internationally and our awards will bring a new look to your showroom.  Isn't it time to see what Taylor Made Specialties can do for you?